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Entrepreneur Pass


The Entrepass is a business pass issued by the Singapore Government to foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start a new business in Singapore. The pass allows you to stay in Singapore and actively manage your business. The pass is subject to periodic renewals by the Singapore Government.

Benefits for obtaining the Entrepreneur pass / Entrepass:-


One of the lowest tax rates in the world. Tax exemption up to S$100,000 for the first three years of set up; and thereafter partial exemption up to S$300,000. Upon approval of the Entrepreneur pass / Entrepass in Singapore, you are allowed to bring your immediate family (spouse and legitimate children below 21yrs of age) to stay in Singapore during the course of the business by applying the Dependant’s Pass (DP) for them.

ACOBA INTERNATIONAL provides services in the preparation and submission of Entrepreneur pass / Entrepass applications


We have many years of experience and proven track record of many successful cases, Our clients are ensure that they are guided on the right path in obtaining the required documentations, to the submission and lastly obtaining the pass to stay in Singapore to operate your business.


Our Services include: Advice on requirements in complying with statutory regulations. To assist client in obtaining the proper documentation to enclose with the submission, to further support your business intention. We also do translation of document if necessary. Assisting in preparing a comprehensive Business Plan which includes the following: (a) objective/nature of business (b) products/services offered (c) marketing strategies that the company intends to adopt (d) the development plans and milestones (e) projected sales turnover for the next three years (f) intended amount of investment (g) management team.


Assist in the preparation and submission of Entrepreneur Pass application form to the authorities. Follow up with the necessary documentation upon approval of your pass / or obtaining the Approval-In-Principal (AIP), and to register your company/business with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).